Tianjin Bridge Welding Materials Group Co., Ltd, whose predecessor was Tianjin Welding Electrode Factory and Tianjin Welding Electrodes Corporation, was set up in 1957,the restructuring in 1997,is located in 35 Jingang Road, Xiqing Special Economic Zone, Tianjin, China, is one of largest welding materials manufacturers in China, with annual production record of 1500,000, there are 4000 employees. The company mainly produces are more than 350 kinds of welding materials, which are all in “Bridge” brand such as carbon steel, low-alloy steel, stainless steel, surfacing, cast iron welding electrodes, submerged-arc welding wires, CO2 gas shielded welding wire and flux-cored welding wire. “Bridge” brand welding materials widely used in bridge, ships, pressure vessels, locomotives, vehicles, aerospace, oil, offshore platforms, port construction and military construction.
    The first Yangtze River Bridge-Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge had selected the electrodes produced by Tianjin welding electrode factory. This is the first time the domestic electrode used in the national key projects. To commemorate, the welding electrode factory registered as Bridge trademark licensing. Product sales have been covering all provinces, company has import and export right, products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions.
    In these years, enterprise has always ranked first place in the industry. In many major events, play a lead role in industry and promote the industry. “Bridge” welding consumables renowned in the domestic and the abroad, awarded “No.1” in the domestic industry.
    Bridge brand welding electrode is the first obtain the recognition with USA, France, China, Norway, Germany, Britain and Japan shipping society, certification of Chinese products to open up a precedent, this aroused the early eighties a great shock.. The country achieved the first export of welding products. In the nineties, the first batch of import and export right. The first awarded National Quality Award, the first awarded the “Chinese Famous Trademark “etc. Bridge brand products the quality of the national industry has repeatedly earned the first place. the first of industry sales, the first international standard enterprise for production and used in packing , its only company used the international standard and award the National key products. 400 million tax free. The first well-known trade mark enterprise by Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau in 2002 welding materials. In 2005, three kinds of stainless steel electrode in “Bridge” recognized by CCS with “can be used for cryogenic-196℃ impact test. In 2007, the first enterprise gets the approvals of Germany steel structures, vehicles, pressure containers, the earliest implementation of ISO9000 standard management in domestic welding manufacturing and passed the approval of ISO9001-2008 quality system by CCS.
    State Enterprise Technology Center was designated as the Tianjin municipal technology center in 2005. In recent years, enterprises to increase new product development, introduced a quality, high level products, supporting new types of steel, product upgrading has made remarkable achievements, from 2007 to now, 21 projects with enterprises of Tianjin Science and Technology Achievements, 5 projects were the Xiqing zone of Tianjin and Technology Progress Award 8 patented. The company has researched nearly 60 kinds of welding materials, the main products of which were included in the Tianjin Technology Innovation Project, High-tech achievement transformation project of Tianjin, Tianjin Torch Program industrialization projects, national SME innovation projects, the industrialization of the national Torch Program project, Xiqing District Technology Support Program projects.
    Bridge brand THY-51B flux-cored welding wire, THJ507 welding electrode, TIG-J50 wire for tungsten argon arc welding designated as a technical game products in 7th ,8th , 9th by National Project Construction System. The THG-80 gas pipeline welding solid wires passed the Construction Association, China Petroleum product identification and Tianjin Science and Technology Commission of the results of identification. It used in West-second national key project. Products reach the international advanced level, products obtained national patent, applied to the Second West-East project in successful,break the dominance of foreign products, to cut down a lot of money for country.
    Bridge staff as the quality of life, we abide by the long-term pursuit of the corporate quality policy “excellent quality establishing high reputation with high quality and efficient service”. Enterprises focus on the young managers, scientists, business personnel training. Leave them to create good working and living environment. Enterprises establish a good business incentives and distribution system, take various measures to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, business users as God, dedication to meet customer requirements. After-sales team including sales, technicians, quality personnel, solve customer problems in timely, allow users to feel "Bridge" products to buy your heart, with the confidence, problem solving heart. Enterprise for many years joined the electrical and mechanical patent information network, targeted to the patent search and tracking,it very useful for the research work.. Enterprises focus on energy conservation, in recent years, under a considerable force, adopted a series of corresponding measures. In order to reduce consumption, reduce losses and control of pollution emissions, adopted a series of technology and economy measures. Emission reduction target is always the standard.
    Bridge brand has brilliant half a century, is the result of the bridge staff struggle. Enterprises believe that as long as continued efforts, "Bridge" the best national brands will be more brilliant. Enterprise sincerely hope that the joint efforts of colleagues and welding industry, the development of welding for the welding technology level, in order to better service for our customers, in order to enter China faster welding consumables manufacturing and use of power and work..

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