Zheng Zi Hang- Tianjin bridge Welding Materials Group CO., Ltd president and general manager. Excellent entrepreneurs in Tianjin, special class model worker in Tianjin, national model worker, deputy to the Tianjin People’s Congress. In his leadership, over the past 50 years history “Bridge” is more brilliant. The band of “Bridge” in welding electrode, solid wire for gas arc welding, flux-cored welding wires, wire for tungsten argon arc welding have been approved by the shipping society of USA, England, Japan, Germany, France, Norway, Korea, Canada and China. the products are selling in more 50 countries and regions in the world. Bridge brand was identified as "China Famous Brand.” In 2009, the enterprise production from 5 million tons in13 years ago to 80 million tons now, increased 16 times. The sales is 7 hundred million, the taxes is 3.3hundred million. The products are selling in 52 countries and regions in the world. The domestic market share is 30%.Zheng Zi Hang leading the leadership team to analysis marketing, analysis of corporate status quo, development planning and focus on technological innovation of enterprises. The party’s cause, the rise and fall as a business all his life, actively and enthusiastically participate in public welfare undertakings. His life is very frugal, deal with things low-key. When the Sichuan earthquake, he led the staff donated money and goods to reach 200 million. In Mr. Zheng Zi Hang’s leadership, Tianjin Bridge Welding Materials Group CO.,LTD. is a new look, in accordance with the corporate quality policy, pursuit of the perfect product quality. to make our business stronger. Let the brand of “Bridge” firmly occupy the domestic market. Create a more brilliant performance.

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